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Music education is one of our highest priorities at Rockland Music Center. Over 500 families have made Rockland Music their choice for music instruction each week. They enjoy the quality of our instructors, the selection of intruments and the convenience of our Rockland County store location.

We offer private instructions for all ages in a wide variety of instruments including keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, brass, woodwinds, and strings.
Every instructor has the advantage of lesson rooms specifically designed to severely reduce and eliminate outside noise, so that you can concentrate on your guitar lesson and not the drum instructor’s lesson down the hall.

To help you on your way, we have instruments for rent and an extensive collection of instructional books and videos, and sheet music. We would be very happy to special order any music you need to get but that we don’t currently have in stock.

If you have any questions about any of our lesson programs or want to schedule a lesson time, don’t hesitate to contact our Lesson Department at   (845) 624-5470.

Music Lessons Have
Longtime Benefits

It is often said that music education is important to the all-round development of the child. To some parents contemplating music education for their children, a broad statement like this does not clearly point to tangible benefits. To us at Rockland Music Center, we understand that the benefits are significant, and we highlight some of them here.
classical2Music lessons help develop reading and listening skills, and improve concentration levels. Studies have indicated that musical training provides positive stimulus to the parts of the brain involved in processing language and reasoning. Learning an instrument helps to enhance motor skills; reading notes and playing help to foster hand-eye co-ordination. Practice, performances, ensemble activities and examinations help to build discipline and self-confidence. In going through the various stages of learning< music, the child also learns commitment and the value of seeing things through.
RMC_Trifold2Music is a means for self expression,
as well as fosters creativity and imagination. It is a non-verbal language that offers an alternative means of expression to children who find it difficult to communicate through speech.

Music is an art form. Students of the arts are exposed to craftsmanship and learn to differentiate good work from mediocre.

The study of arts provides children with exposure to other cultures, and helps develop tolerance.
Above all, music is fun. All efforts need to be taken by parents, teachers, administrators, and the public to keep music in the curriculum.